Curb-A-Lawn is a family owned and operated business for the past 26 years.

We take pride in each and every job that we do and will provide prompt and genuine service to all of our customers. We have two contractor’s licenses, the C-27 Landscape License as well as the C-8 Concrete License.
​We offer free, prompt estimates serving the Central Valley, Bay Area, as well as all of the Northern California Landscape and Hardscape designs, water features and BBQ's along with concrete and mow strips that will help increase your property's value.                                             We also create Landscape Designs consisting of living material such as lawns, trees and flowers, as well as Hardscape Designs like patios, rock and concrete to create a pleasant outdoor environment for your home or business.                                     Curb-A-Lawn also offers 3 different styles of concrete mow strips to enhance any property: Curb Style, Slant Style and Mower Style, which we offer multiple colors.                   Our mowing strips hold back landscape material such as bark, gravel or dirt from emerging onto your grass or other unwanted areas.   We can design or renovate your concrete driveways, sidewalks, walkways and patios. 
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